Go where opportunity meets community and you’re introduced to a company and culture like no other.

We are First for a reason. But in reality, there are thousands of reasons – over 96,000 to be exact. That’s how many people work for us every day in the small towns and big cities across North America – putting their best foot forward to make a difference in their community and careers. People like Karen, one of our school bus drivers in Massachusetts, who stepped up big for a little boy when she noticed he was having a hard time on her bus.

Looking out for your future.

We are proud to offer competitive compensation, benefits and a promising future with the largest transportation provider in North America. We also actively encourage our employees to take care of their physical and mental health and have a range of initiatives in place across our divisions to support them.

* Individual programs and benefits will differ based on role, location and business division.

Diversity & Inclusion
Because we’re stronger together.

We aspire to have a culture where all people are First. We strive to attract and develop a diverse workforce by promoting teamwork and embracing cultural differences. We all play a role in advancing an inclusive environment where everyone is empowered to share their perspectives, listen and respect others. We will achieve this by our leadership fostering a people-focused environment and engaging with our employees, customers and communities. In doing so, we will sustain an inclusive culture that supports future growth and fulfills our social responsibility.

In 2020, First was named by Forbes as one of the most diverse employers in the country.

What’s more, all employees here have the opportunity to make their voice heard through our employee engagement survey, ‘Your Voice’, which measures employees’ satisfaction with the way they are managed, the pride they feel in working for the business and how likely they are to recommend us to others as a great place to work.

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Council

As part of our ongoing efforts, we have formed a Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Council to help realize our goal of promoting an inclusive environment that actively values diversity among all our team members and the broader community. Advising senior leadership, the Council helps promote and advance our inclusivity efforts while celebrating and advancing a diversity of voices and ideas. The Council meets monthly and is made up of 28 employees from various departments and locations throughout First Student, First Transit and First Vehicle Services.

“Diversity and Inclusion. As a company and as a team, we need to live it every day. It’s about dignity and respect for our passengers, our customers and the communities we serve.”

John Kenning
President & CEO
First Student, Inc.

“We are a business made up of people, and the diversity of those people is our strength. This is a big responsibility and we need to get this right to make real change.”

Brad Thomas
CEO & President
First Transit & First Vehicle Services

Safety is our number 1 priority.

Did you know students are 70 times safer riding the yellow school bus than riding in any another vehicle? The safety of our passengers, customers and colleagues is our number one priority and a way of life here. Never complacent, we’ve made huge strides to continuously monitor our safety performance and develop industry leading safety practices, procedures and management systems.

We’re also constantly innovating and launching new initiatives, such as our Injury Prevention program. Unprecedented in our industry, this program firmly embeds safety into our everyday culture.

Our goal is zero incidents and zero injuries. First to Zero! Here, you’ll learn how to assess risks, carry out safety procedures, prevent accidents and look after yourself and others. Most of all, you’ll follow our golden rule – if you cannot do it safely, don’t do it! After all, safety starts with us and we’re not satisfied until we’re certain it’s 100% safe.

First in Technology

Join us and you’ll quickly discover we’re not just a transportation leader, we’re a technology leader too. Whether it’s behind the wheel, in the shop or behind our desks – we’re transforming transportation by accessing and driving the very latest innovations that define our industry and empower our employees.

We’re rolling out new electric school buses in Chicago, Montreal, and Minneapolis, helping to accelerate the adoption of zero-emission technology in our industry.

We’ve been testing electric autonomous vehicles (AV) since 2017, with pilot programs in progress across the U.S., helping to tackle congestion, open up services to new customers, and reduce carbon emissions.

First in Innovation & Intuitive Practices

We have rolled out paperless engineering shop systems and developed predictive analytics tools throughout our maintenance operations. We also provide a thriving online community where technicians can tap into the collective expertise of our 450+ maintenance locations.

First Connect – Employee Mobile App

Through this app, employees have access to company information, tools and relevant content important to their personal success. Self-service functionality includes access to policies and procedures, payroll, tax information, job opportunities, and more. The app is also home to several employee-related contests and giveaways throughout the year. Prizes often include TVs, cell phones and gift cards.


Our Mobile GPS tracking app allows school districts to streamline daily decision-making through centralized, real-time fleet tracking and efficiently alerts parents about any bus delays or issues.

Jaunt – First Transit’s Mobility as a Service Solution

Jaunt is First Transit’s new state-of-the-art Mobility as a Service (MaaS) app, that integrates all mobility modes in one customer-friendly platform. Jaunt removes the guesswork for journey planning and trip execution, making mobility easier and more convenient, streamlining the process to reflect each individual’s available transportation options and travel preferences. Now our passengers can use one, user-friendly application that allows planning and paying across multiple mobility services including bus, train, subway, ride-hailing, car-sharing, carpooling, and micro-mobility options such as bikes and scooters.

Training & Development

Our industry is fast moving and forever evolving, so we ensure that everyone has what they need, both now and in the future, to best serve our passengers, customers and their career. Each of our divisions provides training that will equip you with the tools, skills and knowledge to address:

  • Safety and security
  • Injury prevention
  • Specialized technology and equipment procedures
  • Job proficiency, growth and advancement
First America University

Through our comprehensive e-learning portal, team members can supplement their in-person, on-the-job and site-based training with self-directed learning plans. Whether you’re trying to answer a question, learn a new skill or develop professionally, this powerful tool lets you quickly locate learning content aligned to your needs. Want to increase your customer service skills? Create a customized learning plan? Enhance your Microsoft skills? Prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities?
It’s all here right at your fingertips.

Military & Military Spouses
Your service and sacrifice. Our thanks.

We consider it an honor to extend meaningful career opportunities to veterans once they separate and to military spouses as their husbands and wives actively serve. We pride ourselves on understanding military families’ unique circumstances and accommodating what they need, whether it’s:

  • A part or full-time job upon separation to ease your transition into the civilian workforce
  • A full or part-time job to supplement your serving spouse’s income
  • The freedom, flexibility, and peace of mind to move with your military transferred spouse – we have thousands of locations all across the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada
  • The start of a successful future that sees twenty or more years of distinguished service with us, with many promotions and achievements along the way

Join us and you’ll find that our mission of strengthening our local communities and core values that stress integrity, excellence, caring and dedication are very similar to the military. We also have directly related technical, mechanical, maintenance and automotive opportunities along with management and leadership opportunities where you can continue to lead and serve with passion and pride.

FMCSA has several programs that help make it easier, quicker, and less expensive for military personnel to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and transition to a civilian CMV driving career.”


Aspiring Manager Program
Get amped about your future.

Energy. Excitement. Reaching new heights. That’s what First’s Aspiring Manager Program (AMP) is all about. This intensive 18-month leadership development program fully prepares you to take on a leadership-level role within First Student or First Transit. Here, you’ll experience and enjoy:

  • Instructor-led courses
  • Self-directed micro-courses
  • One-on-one manager coaching sessions
  • On-the-job learning through an immersive rotation experience
  • Functional job shadowing
  • Live, two-week ampX (AMP Experience) event including facilitated courses, access to senior leaders and networking
  • Operational excellence project
  • New circle of friends and colleagues with a common purpose

Do more than start a job. Launch your management career at First.


Start here. Go far.
We believe in promoting from within.

If you’re looking for a long-term career along with all the perks, rewards, and opportunities that go with it, you’re in the right place – because when it comes to promoting from within – we’re all in. We’ve had countless people start as drivers, mechanics, sales, HR or IT professionals, dispatchers, call center associates, etc. and move their way up to managers or move into completely different career areas altogether.

And speaking of moving. If you find yourself wanting to transfer to another location, we’re happy to assist and our 1,200 locations across North America, from Alberta to Alabama and Montreal to Montana, give you plenty of options.

Giving back moves us forward.

At First, we’re building something bigger than our business – a transportation solution that gives back more than it takes, and a partnership that sees each community as its own. Our local teams are most in tune with the needs of the communities they serve, which is why most of our charitable initiatives and volunteer projects are employee-led. We are always ready and willing to help our communities prosper. Our people are proud of where they live and often find creative ways to lend a hand when there are challenges to overcome or participate in activities which strengthen local communities. Past and ongoing examples include:

  • First Student “Stuff the Bus” food drives
  • Fundraisers for causes employees are passionate about
  • First Transit “Safe Wheels” wheelchair repair program
  • Assisting with local festivals, parades and special events
  • Delivering meals to those in need
  • Local clean-up and beautification projects
  • Help and resources during times of natural disaster and emergency

Our COVID Response.

A big part of being part of First is the satisfaction you feel working in and for your local community. Our people are an essential part of the local fabric of life – whether it’s getting millions of children to school or people to work, keeping firetrucks and rescue vehicles firing on all cylinders, or keeping our town and city streets a lot more manageable and less congested.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen everyone’s role become even more important and their commitment become even stronger and more commendable. Every day, our people are going above and beyond, safely getting people where they need to be and helping out in immeasurable ways.

During Covid-19, First Student drivers have delivered more than one million meals to vulnerable students while First Transit employees have delivered food and medical supplies to communities, working in close partnership with various organizations including the New York State National Guard, Walmart in Houston and the Salvation Army in Minnesota.

See the steps & precautions we are taking during Covid-19.

Keeping our employees and passengers safe and healthy is our top priority. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are:
  1. Greatly enhancing cleaning procedures by increasing our steps for clean and hygienic workspaces.
  2. Practicing and promoting social distancing, mask wearing and efficient handwashing.
  3. Constantly evaluating and closely monitoring the CDC and WHO for any updated information we can bring to the field.
  4. Conducting daily operations meetings and security meetings to stay informed, and make updates to our procedures as necessary.
  5. Performing safety training meetings virtually.
  6. Protecting our operators by having passengers enter through the rear exit of the vehicles at several locations. And in some instances, we are only providing single passenger rides.

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we will continue to provide comprehensive updates to our employees on the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), policies and procedures, and provide updated and additional resources whenever warranted.